Can two people grow and change at the same rate?

Have you noticed that you may have outgrown friendships or partnerships over the years? 

Have you experienced where people may align with you at some point in your life and don’t anymore? 

What about those friendships where you didn’t have a big fall out but just lost touch over time?

Artem Knaiz

Outgrowing Relationships:

Maybe you haven’t experienced any of this and still have managed to maintain the same relationships for most of your life. This is certainly not a bad thing, so long as you still feel fulfilled with these connections.

Sometimes we don’t align with people anymore. It can be a sad experience for sure, but people are in our life to either be a lesson or a blessing. Even some are a blessing before they can become a lesson. But does this mean we should fear closeness and relationships? No way! Every single relationship we have has counted toward making us the person we are today. And yes, even the friendships we were wrongfully treated or abused because they taught us a valuable lesson of our boundaries and sense of self-worth. Not that I in any way suggest that you deserved that kind of treatment, but of course, it is a learning opportunity for both parties involved.

Jackie Parker

The ebbs and flows of life will either make us align or not align with others. Depending on the paths we choose to take, we will sometimes take different paths than others. Sometimes we are the ones who outgrow, and sometimes we are outgrown by others. We can’t always control whether we will still align with people when we meet them, so we should be open to whatever the possibilities are and be receptive to the connections we are making along this journey of life. It can be a difficult process to lose those that were once dear to us and to experience that shift in the connection we once knew, but isn’t it beautiful that the universe always finds a way of connecting us with what is best for us?

Let’s open the gates to let life show us the way. We learn so much from interpersonal relationships, whether positive or negative. Not to say that the negative aren’t hard to deal with. Arguing is difficult and energy-sucking, but we learn a lot from these situations if we are open to it. In any healthy relationship, arguments are normal and completely healthy to have, as we are all unique and imperfect individuals living this human experience. From time to time, disagreements can arise; people aren’t always going to see eye to eye. There are certainly healthy and unhealthy ways to deal with conflict.

David Núñez

How are your relationships going?

Are you struggling with the falling out of a friendship or partner?

How are your communication skills and ways of dealing with conflict?

Do you have trouble learning the lessons from your past relationships?

I would love nothing more than to work with you and help you on your journey!!

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