How Trauma and Emotional Pain Manifests in the Body

As it’s become clear in my other posts, I am a psychotherapist and life coach, but I also offer deep tissue Thai massage. My approach combines deep tissue healing, chakra healing, sound healing, meditation, and traditional Thai massage, using my understanding of psychology. I can help clients find blockages, trauma, or emotional pain stuck in the body.

Loren Harssar Thai Massage

Have you ever had a traumatic experience in your life, experienced a loss of someone really special to you, went through a breakup, experienced life changes, or had high-stress levels?

Well, if that’s the case, then I commend you for your strength, and I’m so sorry you had to go through those experiences! Life certainly has its ups and downs. I promise you that if you look for it, there are many people out there who exist to help you with your struggles!

You probably didn’t know that trauma, grief, stress, and emotional pain are actually stored inside different muscles, tendons, or fascia in the body. Kind of like how our brains, when they experience traumatic or emotionally difficult situations, can shut out, ignore or “forget” the pain or trauma, our other muscles beyond the brain can do this too.

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You know the expression “you are carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders” well, this is true! Stress can literally be tensing in your body unconsciously, causing your shoulders to be sore and in pain. This is the number one place where people with stress and anxiety feel it. When it comes to emotional pain and trauma, the same sort of thing happens. But emotional pain and trauma tend to get stuck in different muscles, tendons, and fascia in the body, varying for every person, their unique issues, and how their body stores these experiences.

This outlines the importance of bodywork in everyone’s life, and it’s quite amazing in conjunction with doing therapy or healing work, as I can guarantee if you’re having recurring problems in specific regions in your body that there is likely a link to trauma, emotional pain or stress! There are many different kinds of body works that specialize in this kind of work.

Are you currently in need of some releases, or do you think you may have some negative energy stuck in your body? I’d love for you to experience the healing of Thai massage

Let’s work together! I’d love to help ease the tension in your body and help clear out any of these negative feelings that may be stuck in your body.

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