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Are you experiencing a spiritual breakthrough? Are you curious to learn about yourself? Are you looking to unlock your pure potential as a spiritual being? At Harssar's Holistics we are inspired to help you grow spiritually!

    Our Spiritual Life Coaching In Toronto

    Affordable life coaching options for you and your unique life circumstances and experiences

    Individual Coaching

    Spiritual transformation coaching helps individuals to finally create the life they know they are meant to live. If you’re ready to take your power back and consciously live a joyful, abundant, and spiritually in-tune life, then Spiritual transformation coaching is the step towards creating your new life. What if you could become your own best friend instead of your own worst enemy? What if you could come into your power and love yourself unconditionally? Here we will discover your blockages and give you activities to help yourself become the best version of you possible, for others and for yourself.

    Couples Coaching

    Spiritual transformational coaching offers couples a relationship they have always dreamed of. The kind of relationship that connects on all levels of the chakra system, full spectrum baby! Here we will overcome any road blocks, traumas or other things missing in the relationship and all of the tools to help you through a potential difficult path in your relationship. A healthy relationship should give you energy, should make you more motivated and should push you to shower and be showered in love to and by your partner. We all deserve this and with some work, time and energy this is possible, so let me help you achieve it!


    Happy Toronto Clients

    Sophie Brender
    Sophie Brender
    17:43 21 Oct 20
    Sophia Smith
    Sophia Smith
    20:05 10 Aug 20
    Five stars are not enough. She helped me during really rough time.
    Vie Ray
    Vie Ray
    19:12 10 Aug 20
    I surely am very happy that I found the coach like this. In time of needs, all tools I was given by her came in very... handy. Highly more
    Andy Carriere
    Andy Carriere
    17:23 10 Aug 20
    Jesse Buck
    Jesse Buck
    15:59 10 Aug 20
    Loren is very talented and holds incredible space! You would be lucky to have her support. She is my NUMBER 1... CHOICE!Highly Recommend!read more
    Bravo's Group
    Bravo's Group
    15:46 10 Aug 20
    Wonderful and so professional! Her personality will always bring you happiness to your day!!!
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    What is Spiritual Transformation Coaching?

    Spiritual transformation coaching is here to assist people on their journey to live out the life they have always dreamed of. Here you will learn to fully love, connect and honour yourself in the most profound ways. In this practice we will work with the chakra system, spirituality, elements of psychotherapy, elements of art therapy, mindfulness and life coaching. In this process, we will work through ancestry, psychology, spiritual connection, opening the gateways to your endless potential and your purpose here on Earth. Together we will make your time here a more enlightening and joyful experience while simultaneously working through the shadows and the things that hold you back.

    The Goals of Coaching?

    In this coaching we will connect you to your true authentic expression and your inner child. By remembering the sacredness of your true nature, you can unconditionally love your pains and emotions, and the past energetic patterns to transform them so you are no longer a victim of your past and it no longer plays out in your present. Together we will break these cycles and become a fully integrated human being enjoying the essence of life. To do this we will send love to your ego and your pain to transmute the control the ego has over you and embrace the parts of your shadow that is difficult to integrate and look at but is in fact holding you back. This will allow a process of transmuting and filling those missing pieces with love and light.

    The Benefits of Coaching?


    Most people are not even aware they are projecting a mask to the world. This mask has been created in an effort to be loved, lovable, safe, and avoid the parts of ourselves that we or others have judged or denied as wrong, bad, or unlovable. Together we will lift this mask off of you. When these qualities underneath the mask are loved, honored, and given a voice, you will then welcome new people, relationships, energy and healthy situations into your abundant life. 

    Spiritual Transformation Coaching Helps You:

    • understand yourself better;
    • define and reach goals;
    • overcome fears or insecurities;
    • cope with stress;
    • make sense of past traumatic experiences;
    • find your true personality; 
    • improve relationships with family and friends;
    • figure out your life purpose;
    • learn new healthy routines;
    • understand why things bother you and what you can do about them; and
    • end destructive habits such as excessive drinking, using drugs, overspending or unhealthy sex.

      What to expect during a session

      My approach is intuitive and combines a lot of the tools in my toolbox from psychotherapy, art therapy, life coaching, yoga (pranayama and meditation) and the chakra system. Depending on what has been holding you back from being your true authentic expression, we will work together to transmute maladaptive old patterns/cycles, traumas, pain and blockages. Every session is different considering the person’s individual experiences. We will create a plan for you and your unique needs upon your free 15 minute first appointment.

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