The Benefits of a Second Lockdown

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Whether you’re a person who views this as a global pandemic or a person who believes in these Orwellian-like conspiracy theories, I’m sure that learning the news on Friday about the second COVID-19 lockdown wasn’t something you were looking forward to. As we all saw the numbers rising in Ontario over the past couple of months and weeks, I’m sure for most of us; it wasn’t surprising to see that there was going to be another lockdown coming up.

Now, is it upsetting to be stuck inside again? Yes! Is it annoying not to go to the gym, do any events or activities, or see your friends once again? Yes!

Don’t forget, we already survived the last lockdown, and we will certainly survive this one as well.

Here are 8 benefits of having a second lockdown:

1. We already know what to expect:

As mentioned, we have been through the first lockdown, and we know what it’s like already to work from home and be in distance from the majority of our friends. We have already experienced not being able to do our normal activities, events, and gatherings, and we know that eventually, things do become less restricted as the numbers of cases go down again

2. It’s a great opportunity to go inward and heal:

Wintertime is notoriously known for a time of year to go inward and acknowledge and work on ourselves’ darker sides. Winter is typically a time of hibernation, and it is even easier to do this healing work in a more isolated place. Think of it as a healing staycation from the comfort of your own home. It’s cold outside anyway, so would you really want to be leaving your house so much anyway?

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3. Taking up new hobbies:

As many of us learned from the first lockdown, these times are excellent for taking up those hobbies that you normally wouldn’t have time to take up. Some examples are learning an instrument, an exercise class, yoga, writing, singing, knitting, learning a language, etc. Now you have an opportunity to either continue working on those hobbies you’ve already taken up, start a new one, or if you didn’t get to use the last lockdown to do this, NOW is your opportunity!

4. Slowing down:

In the western world, we live in a very GO, GO, GO kind of reality. We have high expectations of working and getting things done at a fast pace. Depending on your job, and now with the lack of social engagements, this second lockdown is an opportunity to slow down and relax in between working.

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5. Self-care:

Kind of moving off the last point, many people don’t even know what self-care is because of the western world mentality. Self-care is a ritual you use to take care of yourself and revitalize your mental health and energy levels. Self-care can be as simple as taking a bath, reading a book, watching a show, doing meditation, or essentially any healthy activity that makes you feel happy and good. I invite you to find a ritual for self-care that works for you!

6. Learning who your real friends are:

Continuing off of what may have happened to you with your friend groups or friends during the last lockdown, it’s interesting to see that some people didn’t last as friends, and others we may have begun to get to know better. These times of somewhat solitude allow us to go inward and realize what friends align best with us. We can weed out anyone who doesn’t bring us joy or maybe only brings toxicity and drama, allowing us to realize those who matter the most. Now let’s gear up for the second round of this “friends” purging!

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7. Connecting deeply to the people you live with:

Since there is nobody else you can hang out with but the people you live with and those in your bubble, this time of lockdown allows you to connect deeper to the people you live with, whether your roommate, parents, partner, friends, etc. This allows you to connect deeper with these people and maybe even resolve any conflict present in these relationships.

8. Reaching out for help:

Whether you have an existing mental health issue that hasn’t been given your attention, or this time of isolation has caused you a lot of deep loneliness or has brought up a lot of anxiety and stress. This time is the most ideal for reaching out for help and receiving support from a mental health professional. Many therapists are operating online and providing sessions to clients during this time. The pandemic may be somewhat of a catalyst, but the truth is, these things would not be coming up if they weren’t already issued before. Now is as good a time as ever to work on our inner healing.

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Are you needing support during this second lockdown?

If so, I’d love to work with you! I offer psychotherapy and spiritual life coaching.

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