Your “Ideal Partner”

Everton Vila

As you may have noticed, I’ve avoided using the terms “soulmate” or “twin flame” because there is a lot of controversy and confusion with those terms. I’ve also noticed that a lot of people get carried away with this idea of a “soulmate” or “twin flame” and lose track of who they are, who their partner is and what kind of relationship is best for them. But instead, here, we will be focusing on the idea of the “ideal partner” for you!

So you might be thinking: what exactly is an “ideal partner”? Given the knowledge that we are perfectly imperfect, we have to bear in mind that perfection in a relationship is entirely impossible and fictional, as relationships take a lot of TLC, compromise and work to stay alive. But I do believe we do have the power to energetically manifest a person with the majority of the qualities we desire in a partner. Essentially, finding someone who is imperfectly the perfect person for you

Scott Broome

Have you figured out what qualities you want in an ideal partner?

Step number one in finding an ideal partner involves figuring out what qualities you want and don’t want in a partner. This step can only be fully integrated through dating and sort of a sense of trial and error.

This step also includes:

  • Knowing who YOU are
  • Having a deep understanding of self-love, self-acceptance and self-appreciation
  • Acknowledgement of your strengths and weaknesses

Doing this will attract the right kinds of relationships your way.

Once you are aware of some of these qualities you are looking for in a partner, you can write a manifestation list and add to it and remove from it as you realize more about yourself and the kind of relationship you are looking for, which could also change over time. The most important thing about this list is being honest with yourself about what you’re looking for and being as specific as possible.

Before I connected with my partner, I, too, wrote a checklist of things I was looking for in a partner.

Some examples from my list were:

  • Someone I find attractive
  • Someone who is physically fit
  • Someone who wants a monogamous relationship
  • Someone who is my best friend
  • Someone who understands me or at least wants/tries to

I am grateful to honestly say that my partner has close to everything I wrote down on my list: So trust me, this works!

Glenn Carstens

Are you in a relationship? Have you found your ideal partner?

Notice the fact that those questions were together? I put them there strategically… Psychoanalysis! Well, sometimes, we end up in a relationship that isn’t ideal. Maybe we are still there out of obligation, out of the lack of self-love: believing that this is the best you can get, social pressures (such as marriage and children), out of being comfortable, or maybe they were your ideal partner at some point, but you outgrew each other since your ideal partner can change over time.

Ryan Franco

How do you know that they are in fact your ideal partner? 

Your ideal partner gives you the appreciation, love, connection and support that you’ve always been desiring. They highlight your strengths and point out your weaknesses and love you for them anyway, and you do the same for them. You support each other’s growth and healing and are there with them through thick and thin. It is no fairy tale because it requires a lot of work on yourself, on themselves and compromises to keep the candle burning. Love itself isn’t the thing that holds a relationship together.

If you need help with the following:

Are you looking to manifest a partner?

Does your relationship need some assistance?

Do you want to know if you’re with the right person?

Are you looking to attract your ideal partner?

Do you struggle with dating?

Let’s work together! I work with both individuals and couples for psychotherapy and spiritual transformation coaching. I look forward to helping you find your ideal partner or help mend the problems in your existing relationship!

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