What is a Healer?

There are tons of definitions in the dictionary of what a “healer” is. Many seem to believe that a healer is someone who is superhuman who has and uses a lot of superpowers to help others. But healers come in many shapes, sizes and forms and use many different modalities to help other people heal. We are all healers, some just haven’t discovered their “powers” yet.

Aaron Blanco

So as a healer myself, I’m going to debunk a few things about healers: 

Some people associate the word “healer” as an ego-filled individual who believes that as a healer they are “all-knowing and all-powerful”. This idea of a healer isn’t an accurate or positive one since this ego filled energy often leads to the corruption of power and sometimes even violence whether it be verbal, emotional, psychological, sexual or physical. 

Real healer or fake healer?

Some people who call themselves healers are in it to feel above others, to get a following with them as their leader or to extort their followers for money. 

You may remember Jim Jones and the famous Jonestown massacre? Well, he certainly fits this description. While he may have initially started with the intention of creating a church for both black and white people in America in a time of segregation. He put on shows in the crowd to show he was a “powerful healer” and hired people to pretend to receive “healings” from him. People would ask for help for their physical pain and he would send them energy to heal their pain. Already, in the early years of this church, we could see the corruption forming but we certainly didn’t see coming what happened. Over time, his sinister ways came through from his corruption of power when people were ready to come back to America from his compound in Guyana. Eventually, it ended in a massacre involving Jones force-feeding the babies and children a poison, which many of the adults after the death of their families drank.

I guess we went a little dark there, but I thought it was important to point out, discuss and really see this potential dark side with “healers”. If you seek out a healer, lookout for signs of danger, ego and darkness as this situation can tend to happen often. If you don’t believe me, search up many different dangerous cults throughout history and you’ll see how they usually started with a group of vulnerable individuals and an ego-filled leader.

The truth is, we are ALL healers!

An important thing to know is that healers are human beings… they are not better than other people because they have these healing abilities. I believe these abilities are actually innate in everyone, and that everyone’s abilities as a healer are unique and provide different kinds of support and love for one another. In a way, we are all medicine for each other. 

Being humble is KEY in being a healer, with a lot of power comes GREAT responsibility to be HUMBLE!

Did you know that healers don’t heal people?

Healers help give others the power and tools to heal themselves! So while healers are putting in their energy to help others, it’s the choice of those they are helping to not only ask for the help they need but also to put in the work required to help heal themselves. 

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