Are You Honest With Yourself?

Sometimes it’s hard to be honest with ourselves; some things are difficult to admit to ourselves, the ego gets in the way, or we lie to others or sabotage ourselves to make them happy.

But if you aren’t honest with yourself, the most constant person in your entire life, then you can’t possibly be honest, authentic or real with anyone else!

When you aren’t true to yourself, you provide a disservice to yourself and everyone around you and trust me, you all deserve so much more than that!

Brett Jordan

I’m sure that we have all been guilty of doing this at some point or another in our lives, and it makes sense because we are social creatures, and often the “social death” is worse than an actual death in our society. 

Relatable examples of not being truthful to yourself:

  • If we are trying to be polite and don’t want to offend another person
  • If we are trying to fit in
  • We don’t want to admit to ourselves that something traumatic or painful has happened to us.
  • We don’t want to reveal our true feelings and emotions about certain things.

The main issue with not being honest with ourselves is that we lose our true essence and personality because we are trying hard to be something or someone we are not. We don’t acknowledge our power and ability to set boundaries and just be authentically ourselves without any doubt. We also teach people that certain behaviours, situations or ways we are being treated are completely okay, when deep down, we may not feel comfortable or aligned at all.

Chela B

How do we know if we are in fact being truly honest with ourselves?

Here are some check in questions for you:

  • Am I true to myself?
  • Am I holding back my truth?
  • Am I doing/saying this with ulterior motives?
  • Am I expressing myself and my boundaries clearly?

If you found through these check-in questions that you felt you weren’t very honest with yourself, that’s okay. It’s never too late to put in the work to be your true, authentic and real expression.

Joel De Vriend

How to be more honest with yourself:

  • Tap into yourself, and what your yes and no is within your body
  • Notice what ulterior motives are in your way of being authentic (whether it’s people-pleasing, a lie to seem more interesting, etc.)
  • Be aware of when your ego takes the wheel

If you need some help with being honest, real and authentic with yourself and others, I would love to work with you and help you really step into your power and release the blockages in your way. I offer psychotherapy and spiritual-based coaching.

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